Clare Grill - The Forest for the Trees - Sloan Fine Art - New York

Clare Grill - The Forest for the Trees - Sloan Fine Art - New York - 21 April - 15 May 2010
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Clair Grill is the thinking man or woman's artist. I love her unique subject matter and intense draftsmanship. She crafts art with a slightly skewed perspective reaching into surreal art. In fact she is a contemporary artist . Her work looks contemporary and almost realistic to a point. Her interpretation puts texture in areas where there should not be texture yet it feels right. Her bold textural usage makes her work unique. Take "Forest for the Trees. The first piece looks like it could be a fine Irish lace tablecloth. The second painting is a little girl in a candy stripped shirt. She almost looks like a silhouette. She is dark hued,, but most shocking, part of her dark skin is darker zebra striped. Even the third painting of food presentation a colorful still life that isn't exactly what it seems. Her work makes you look deep and ponder what camouflaged foreign object is in front of your normal vision and normal thought.

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